We offer a vast range of sound and music services, below are just a few examples:

Always wanted to record a song? Ready for your next album? We offer flexible recording services for all. Uniquely we also offer to bring the studio to your home/practise space!

Whether you have recorded with us, or elsewhere we can polish tighten up your track to make sure its ready for release!

Mixing & Mastering

We have experienced sound engineers and back-line technicians to make sure your event sounds amazing!

Live Sound Engineering

Wedding? Conference? Random party? We have P.A. hire available to meet a range of sound needs. This can also include a team to take care of the sound!

Sound for Events

After a unique backing track for your trailer? Or a Jingle for your radio advert? You have come to the right place.

Music for Advertising

Need a vocalist for your new track? Does your new song need an acoustic guitar to brighten it up? We have musicians available to record.

Session Musicians
Music for Film & TV

Are you a film-maker and want a unique soundtrack for your movie or you-tube episode? Whatever your needs, we have specialists ready to give your film the perfect score!

Want cinema sound quality in the comfort of your own home? We have qualified specialists ready to source and install the perfect sound system for your home.

Sound System Installation

Got a studio space that needs treatment? A large hall that's just too loud? We can fix that for you!

Foley & Sound Design

Do your explosions lack the impact that you want in your films? Do your fight scenes need a little je ne sais quoi? Our foley artists and sound designers can help you and ensure your hard work sounds as good as it looks.

Recorded the perfect scene but your microphone didn't pick up the dialogue properly? We can get your actors into the studio to fix it!

Audio Post Production

Want a voice-over to go on top of your advert? We have voices available to you, watch this space for some examples coming soon.

Seen what you're after? Or want something else? Use our Contact Form to enquire.