Many may wonder why our website is a Wix site, with advertisements and everything! Well just look at the site, it is a pretty sexy site! And it shows what we can create and what we can offer you.


We offer very competitive prices on our Web Design Packages because we design websites using Wix. That also means it will be much easier for you to manage your site once it is completed, as Wix offers a user-friendly interface - with no HTML or coding knowledge nessesary! Good times!

Wix Brand

Why not just do it myself then?

If you feel like you could make your website yourself, then please do! It is very possible. However, what we have found is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of home made Wix sites that just don't look as they should, or don't work as they should. We have spent a lot of time getting to know Wix and it's advantages and limitations, plus because specialise in design - we have the know how and the skills to make you a fantastic looking and working website, that you simply have to manage, rather than design and create. Contact us for more information.